Peridot: Birthstone for August

Celebrate August's birthstone: peridot, the gemstone born from fire. Peridot crystals are often found in the rocks erupted by volcanoes as this vivid green gemstone is formed in the slowly cooling liquid magma. Peridot gemstones are usually found in quite small sizes so anything larger than around 10 carats is a rare find!

Peridot (otherwise known as olivine) is one of the few gemstones that exists in only one colour; a distinctive signature lime green caused by the presence of iron. The purer the green the more valuable the gemstone will be.

Our in-house designers have created some striking bespoke designs using peridot, onyx and diamonds. As you can see, the black of the onyx contrasts beautifully against the bright green colour of the peridot. 

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