A very busy week for the Holts Lapidary team!

Holts Lapidary exhibited at the NAJ Conference in Loughborough this weekend. We enjoyed the workshops and presentations and found all of them informative and inspiring.

The Conference was a full on experience, but we had few laughs as well. We enjoyed sweet treats from Kerry Gregory from Gemmology Rocks and witnessed a spontaneous and exceptionally entertaining auction by Stephen Whittaker at the dinner on Saturday. 

Here is a picture of Nancy and Andrew Fellows posing in their matching Sherlock Holmes jackets. Andrew’s outfit was a tribute to the synthetic diamond screener named after the famous detective, Nancy’s was a coincidence.

It was interesting to test the latest equipment used in detection of synthetic diamonds. Alicja did not dare testing her diamond, although it was an old cut, which would have been unlikely to be synthetic, as most synthetic diamonds on the market are round brilliant cut, but not as clean as one might expect. Seeing metallic inclusions in several samples was reassuring, however the loupe alone is not enough to detect a synthetic diamond.


On Monday, Holts Lapidary were at London Fashion Week! Our lapidary apprentice had the fantastic opportunity to work with industry-leading jewellery brand, and the man himself, Stephen Webster.

Located at The Store X, 180 Strand London, the #PositiveFashion exhibition - the British Fashion Council's Initiative designed to champion industry best practice led by our three Positive Fashion pillars: Sustainability, Equality & Diversity, Craftsmanship & Community.

Check out the pictures and video!