As the birthstone of December, we are dedicating this post to Tanzanite. As may be deciphered from the name, Tanzanite was originally discovered in Tanzania, which remains the only locality where this variety of Zoisite is found. Originally called ‘Blue Zoisite’, it was actually Tiffany’s introduction of the gemstone to the commercial market that popularised the name Tanzanite, as their marketing campaign at the time was that consumers could buy Tanzanite in only two places, “In Tanzania and at Tiffany’s”.



Tanzanite is deceptively soft, sitting around 6.5 on the Mohs scale of hardness. It is also trichroic, meaning the rough crystal appears 3 different colours in different orientations. It is not widely known that in its untreated form, Tanzanite is blue, violet and yellowy-brown. Most of the material is heated at source to remove the yellow colour and enhance the blue and violet, leaving us with that fantastic deep blue-purple colour.

Due to the hardness of Tanzanite, the stone lends itself best to pendants and earrings, jewellery that will face less wear and tear. If you’re thinking of treating yourself this party season, take a look at some of the beauties we have in stock…

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